Eating Clean While Growing Closer to Christ (or ECGC) 
uses private coaching and small group coaching to teach 
you the necessary tools to lose weight while growing 
closer to Christ so that you can do the work 
God has called you to do with more energy, 
better health & hopefully more years!.
A Christ-centered approach to healthy eating habits.
No blame, shame, or guilt.
Keeping the love and guidance of Jesus Christ
in the center of your health journey.
I am a certified Nutritional Therapist, a teacher, a Functional Medicine Health Coach and I have twenty-five years in ministry. I help my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ to regain their energy, manage their weight, and enjoy the process!
  • Eat whole foods that you like!
  • ​Learn the Tools to Lose Weight!
  • ​See results in two months or less!
  • Use God's Word as your strength!
  • ​Join Others on the same journey for Encouragement & Support!
  • ​You are not alone in this!
  • ​This is different than any program you have done before!
  • ​Long-term accountability and community support is available!
    Eating Clean While Growing Closer to Christ (abbreviated: ECGC)
    • Learn the tools necessary to Lose Weight and Have More Energy By Eating Whole Foods.  Enjoy your life more! Feel good about how you look! Meet New Friends!
    • On-going Support Available to Sustain Healthy Eating Habits & Weight Management.
    • Grow Closer to CHRIST by Learning What the Bible Says About You, Your Body, HIS Love for You, and how to Change Habits.
    • ​Learn What Foods Nourish Your Unique Body and How to Capitalize on Their Nutrients.

    Maybe you have a diagnosis from your doctor and you need to change 
    your eating and lifestyle habits in order to avoid "fill-in-the-blank". 

    Maybe you already have diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, 
    high blood pressure, or something else.

    And maybe, you've tried changing your diet on your own but haven't had 
    long-term success.

    If you follow this program you will lose weight in a healthy way 
    and be able to keep the weight off.

    And...grow closer to Christ.

    • You will learn the tools necessary to successfully lose weight.
    • You will have encouragement to spend daily time with Jesus Christ & His Word.
    • You will have more energy and feel better.
    • Within two months you will notice changes in how you feel and look.  
    The 12 Week Eating Clean While Growing Closer to Christ or ECGC (for short) Course has six modules. Each module of the program has valuable lessons with clear and short homework assignments. The length of the program is twelve weeks and walks you step by step through the habit-forming process of learning to eat whole foods 95 to 98 % of the time and how to walk away from junk foods! 

    Each of the six modules has video lessons that will focus on spiritual, emotional, and physical strategies to help strengthen your resolve and ability to successfully eat whole foods 95-98 % of the time.   Videos focus on Prayer, Scripture, and Practical Information on Nutrition & the Human Body.  Module 1 What to Eat For Your Unique Body & How to Start Making Those Changes, Module 2 How & Why to Get Rid of Processed Sugar in Your Diet  Module 3  What is Healthy Digestion & How do you Get it?   Module 4  What Healthy Fats Should I Be Eating?  Module 5 How do I Prepare Excellent Meals and Great Recipes  Module 6 Intelligent Maintenance & Continuing On In Your Health Journey. 

    You receive ten on-line group coaching sessions that brilliantly use the collaborative wisdom of the entire group’s experiences, successes, and challenges. You get a closed Facebook community of like-minded Christians that desire to lose weight and love God more. 

    You receive three private coaching sessions focusing on your personal goals and challenges.

    You receive four Personal 4 Food Journal Evaluations

    The ECGC Program is priced at 749.00 and includes:
    • 6 ECGC On-Line Forever-Access Modules that will teach you what foods, how much of those foods, and why eating whole foods for fuel will improve your health, your energy, and your life.
    • 3 Private Coaching Sessions
    • Personal 4 Food Journal Evaluations
    • 10 On-Line Group Coaching Sessions
    There isn’t any other program out there like this one that combines an on-line digital course, personal coaching sessions and group coaching sessions with the focus being on the love, guidance, forgiveness, and freedom that is found in trusting and knowing Jesus Christ. You will be learning to Eat Clean While Growing Closer to Christ. Win. Win. Win.
    Losing weight is a health journey and when you have a guide or a coach to help you on that journey, you will learn faster and lose weight faster.

    It makes sense to have a teacher or a coach.

    If I put a person in a room with a piano, they’d probably eventually learn to play it, but never as well or as quickly as if they had an expert piano teacher. That’s what the ECGC Digital Course brings to the table. An excellent curriculum with a patient coach, personal attention, and group coaching sessions so that we can support and learn from each other.

    What you receive is an experienced teacher who is certified as a Nutritional Therapist and also certified as a Functional Medicine Health Coach. The reason that I have developed this course is because I believe the most important work we have to do is to bring others to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. When you have more energy, better health, longer life by eating whole foods and losing weight, then you reach more people to know Jesus. Matthew 6:33 But seek first, His Kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.

    ECGC explains the how, why, and what to eat so that your body regains health and vitality. Eating Clean is a lifestyle that helps you lose weight.

    Food is energy, medicine, connection, and information.

    Learn to determine what foods are right for your body. - Copyright 2019 - Disclaimer & Terms
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